Kingsville School of Music brings together a community of dedicated and experienced faculty that offers personalized and nurturing lessons. Whether you or your child are interested in studying music for the first time, or an experienced musician looking to raise your ability to a higher level, we’re dedicated to bringing out the best musical ability in each and every student.

Private, group or band lessons are at the core of the music training we offer. Our music lessons are designed around your needs and interests. Check out all of our programs:

Kingsville School of Music

Private Lessons

These music lessons are weekly half-hour or one hour one-on-one sessions with a music teacher. Virtual music lessons (via Skype video call or Zoom) are an option as well.

Sibling Group Lessons

If you have more than 1 child that you would like to register for music lessons, consider this option. Our Sibling Group Lessons are weekly sessions (30 mins) and allow 2 or more siblings to learn the same or different instruments together. Siblings that take lessons together may progress a bit faster as they work on the same material and can help one another learn something new outside of the lesson room. This type of lesson is discounted, too.

Group Lessons

These music lessons are weekly sessions (30 mins) with other students of the same instrument and a music teacher. This type of music lesson allows students to feel more comfortable learning and performing in a group setting with others at the same skill level.

Band Lessons

These music lessons are weekly 45 minute sessions with other students of different instruments and a music teacher. This type of music lesson allows students to develop performing skills while experiencing the opportunity to create music with band mates.

What Instruments Can You Learn?

We offer lessons for the following instruments:

– Piano
– Voice
– Guitar
– Mandolin
– Accordion

– Bass
– Ukulele
– Violin
– Drums

– Clarinet
– Flute
– Saxophone
– Harmonica

Want to learn an instrument that is not on this list? Reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do!

Other Music Programs

Kingsville School of Music prides itself on accessibility and variety. The following are regular group programs we offer at the music school. Please reach out to us for more information.

Stomp Clap – Music Introduction Class

Are you looking to enroll your child in music lessons but unsure of which instrument? Our Stomp Clap program is perfect as it introduces students to music without committing to one instrument yet. For children aged 4-10, this class is percussion based and is a great way for a young musician to start their musical journey. Students will learn about rhythm through music games and exercises. No instrument needed!

Guitar Class for Adults

Get ready to fret, strum and pick with James from Kingsville School of Music! From tuning to playing tunes, this Guitar Class for Adults covers everything from playing melody, harmony as well as tuning, restringing and more. Participants will also have the opportunity to develop skills to play with other musicians. If you are new to the guitar, this is a great introduction class to join + meet new people! Please bring your own guitar to this class. Monthly commitment and registration required.


Music lessons are paid in advance for the following month. Please contact us for our rates. Gift certificates are also available.

The music school is closed Easter, Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas Day and New Years Day. You will be informed of any other school holiday closure dates in advance throughout the year. Lessons will still be held during P.A. Days, and Summer. We encourage students to continue to minimize loss in a music education momentum.

Each year we put on a concert that is the perfect time for students to showcase their music knowledge to their family and friends. Students are encouraged to participate or even just attend to watch others get on stage and hopefully become inspired to next time!

Other Services

Need more than just music lessons? Here is what else you can find at Kingsville School of Music:

Kingsville School of Music

Instruments & Accessories

The music school carries some instruments, accessories and music books. These items are available for students to rent if needed. This is a great option if you are just trying a new instrument for the first time and are not ready to purchase one for lessons. Let us know if you require a instrument or accessory rental for your lessons in advance.


The music school organizes a few music workshops/course throughout the year. They are held throughout the year, for all ages and skill levels! Be sure to follow our Facebook page to be the first to know about any upcoming dates.